Vedant’s TestStream technology, together with our best-in-class services, delivers comprehensive and efficient validation for Cerner Millennium and Sunquest blood bank systems.

Vedant's BBV solution extensively covers all areas of the blood bank system — doing much more than just “checking the box” — and conforms with the validation testing elements required under FDA, ISBT, AABB, EU and Australian guidelines.

The documentation generated with each test includes:

  • Screen image captures for every validation workflow action.
  • Digital signature support for test results review.
  • Large-scale validation and verification of the Patient/Unit Compatibility rules and Interpretations (result reactions), covering thousands of combinations.
  • Each scenario operation mapped directly to compliance requirements, so a regulatory inspector can identify exactly where and when a certain functionality was validated.

Organizations can also use TestStream on an ongoing basis for service pack regression testing as well as re-testing and re-validation cycles at a fraction of the cost of other options.

For more information, download our Blood Bank Validation brochure.

Every part of the Blood Bank Validation is linked to the individual AABB requirements, and the link of requirement, functionality test, and test run is included as part of the results.

Vedant - Blood Bank Validation