Change is a constant when it comes to healthcare information systems. TestStream’s HealthAssure ongoing regression testing services helps keep you informed about the health and accuracy of your system environment over time, to help minimize errors and ensure patient safety.

The HealthAssure service, which pairs TestStream's intelligent technology with our staff of healthcare and nursing professionals, provides monthly reports on the functional health of both your database(s) and application(s). This vital health check recognizes configuration and customization changes and differences among all facilities within your environment, ensuring smooth implementations leading up to go-lives.

In addition, any errors determined to be significant patient safety risks are brought to your attention immediately, with details on the exact error, patient-safety risk implications, and root-cause analysis.

Our HealthAssure Regression Testing Service provides you with a monthly or quarterly testing review of your systems, allowing any problems to be identified and corrected quickly and leading to a smoother pre-go-live validation and the go-live itself.

Vedant HealthAssure Regression Testing