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Comprehensive, efficient blood bank validation.

blood bank validations

Let us take care of the testing for you.

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Test with intelligence and get back to work.

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Comprehensive and efficient validation for Cerner Millennium and Sunquest blood bank systems.

TestStream® provides comprehensive testing and risk mitigation, managed remotely with support from our expert services team.

HealthAssure services provide periodic regression testing of your domains and environments, helping keep them in check. New procedures, new blood products, service pack validation...

End-to-end interface and integration testing of clinical systems and their downstream systems.

Vedant Health delivers superior clinical validation for efficient and reliable results.

Utilizing our signature intelligence-based, script-less, automated testing technology we offer complete assurance of your clinical applications. Our mission is to provide partners with the highest quality in healthcare testing and validation solutions. This means better patient care through cost effective, intelligent testing.