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Vedant Health TestStream App

Work More Efficiently With The TestStream App

The Vedant Health TestStream app allows our customers and friends to keep up-to-date with our activities and events, as well as execute and monitor their own tests on the go. There are a number of options within the app which allow access to Vedant Health activities, check in on our support and services groups, execute and monitor running tests within your own environment.

  • TestStream Assistant
    Execute and Monitor your tests while out and about.
    Receive notifications on test status and completion.
  • Upcoming Events
    We sponsor and attend many shows each year. Please join us!
  • Support System & Live Chat
    Contact our team whenever you have a question, even when you are out of the office.
  • Community Enhancements
    Keep up-to-date on the TestStream community enhancements.
  • News Feed & Social Media
    Sign up for our blog, and keep current on our activities.
  • LinkedIn Validation Group
    Monitor our LinkedIn Validation group and keep current with validation issues and news.
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Install the app today and start working more efficiently!

Vedant TestStream App