A SUG to Remember…

Dennis Johnson

A SUG to Remember…

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Dennis Johnson
Sales Director

Well, another SUG annual meeting has come and gone and many great memories linger. We had a record number of booth visitors this year! Thanks to the SUG board and Sunquest for a great show. The theme this year was “Soaring to New Heights” and it was indeed that for us!

As annual sponsors of SUG and the SUG scholarship, we enjoy spending quality time with the user group members from around the country as well as other great vendors who attend and sponsor. It’s a great professional venue to network and collaborate.

Here’s a picture of all of us with our good friend and fellow vendor associate Tonya Day from ANX (OpenText):


Pictured from left: Dennis, Tonya, Wendy, Neal and Ray

We conduct a drawing every year for our very special company mascot Viktor. He’s high falutin’ fellow straight from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company! Everyone who sees him LOVES him! Lynn Dusing was the lucky winner this year and was so thrilled to take him home! Congrats Lynn!


To wrap up the great week, the attendees competed on RUG (Regional User Groups) Team Building night building the ultimate soap box derby race car. It’s great fun to watch the regional teams work together for a goal and compete for glory! Sunquest RUG team building night is awesome fun!

In conclusion, the Sunquest user group community is a close-knit family and it’s a great privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with these fine folks. The most rewarding part is the trusting and lasting relationships formed and nurtured with our clients and friends over the years.