Behind the scenes at Vedant Health

William Connor

Behind the scenes at Vedant Health

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William Connor
Senior Software Engineer

For many years I have been working behind the scenes at Vedant Health, and from that I have gained a different perspective on the technology and how we work as a company.

TestStream users can attest to its uniqueness in terms of its ability to drive large clinical systems with a high degree of consistency and accuracy. It is this uniqueness that sets it apart from all other competing products. So you may ask yourself, why is TestStream so different from the rest of those products? After all, companies have access to the same types of development tools and are targeting the same systems, so one could reasonably expect there to be few differences across testing products.

That question can be answered by first stating that the people that comprise Vedant Health are on a mission to make the safety of every patient their number one priority by providing the best possible testing environment and support system. Here it is all about the people, and TestStream is a direct result of that disposition. When one looks at the approach that TestStream takes in terms of how it is designed, implemented and supported it becomes clear why TestStream stands apart from all competing testing products on the market. I am pleased to be part of that team.

As TestStream runs, you can count on rules developed over the course of decades to make intelligent decisions on how to identify and proceed in processing the various applications and gracefully respond to the endless number of error conditions encountered all of which allow for the production of meaningful results. And as time goes on and new versions of the various applications being tested become available, additional intelligence and rules are added, all the while remaining backwards compatibility with previous versions. Internally, we often refer to this approach as game development where TestStream is in control of the joystick but the application being tested decides on how the scenery changes second-by-second. TestStream’s intelligence looks at this scenery and determines what to do next…

Due to the complex nature of both automated testing, and the continuing development and improvement of the healthcare systems, customers are able to utilize our support system to ask questions and request enhancements or updates. What these customers probably do not know is that the entire support, services and development staff all receive these requests at the same. No first line, second line or third line support, but everyone always working together to answer the question quickly.

And because we work closely with our customers, we are able to meet their needs by continuously integrating newly developed modules which incorporate additional functionality. These upgrades go on throughout the year and benefit all TestStream users.

All in all, being a member of a team that has set such high standards and seeing them followng through makes working at Vedant Health a truly worthwhile endeavor. Now, back to my game programming!