CIS Analysts & Enhanced Patient Care

Elizabeth Peyton-Chatfield, MT(CSMLS)

CIS Analysts & Enhanced Patient Care

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Elizabeth Peyton-Chatfield, MT(CSMLS)
Principal Services Specialist

A Thoroughly Validated Clinical Information System is of Utmost Importance in Patient Care and Quality Assurance

Over the past couple of years, we have been introduced to a healthcare shift from solely in-person visits with our providers, to the option of phone visits or even virtual face to face visits using a smartphone or tablet video chat. Healthcare without sitting down in your providers office? Who would have ever thought that would be considered let alone an option?

I love having these chats with my mother, who is 85 going on 75 and charms the socks off everyone she meets! In her lifetime she has experienced the colony of Newfoundland and Labrador joining Canada, a phone in every house, the introduction of the television (they were one of the first to have this box in our small community); and although there were rumors of being able to see and talk to someone on your cell phone, it was hard to imagine and take seriously, yet here we are. Every so often as we video chat (me in Washington State and her in St. John’s, Newfoundland) she will comment on ‘the things I’ve seen in my life; I never would have believed they were possible.’

Sit down and chat with anyone over the age of 80, it really shows where technology has taken us.

Take the introduction of telehealth as an example, it really has changed our approach to care and in many ways access to your provider. Those patients who have difficulty leaving home, they are now able to ‘see’ their provider virtually. For some, it’s a little easier to talk about health concerns over the phone rather than face to face. And those video calls help keep a personal connection with your provider in the comfort of your own home, it’s not always safe and easy to travel for that specialist appointment. I have a friend who is a Family Practitioner, telehealth has enabled her to easily connect with and treat patients in rural parts of the province. Test ordering and viewing results, medication orders, routine, and specialist appointments, all of this accessible at your fingertips.

Validated Clinical Information Systems CIS and LIS ensure collaboration of care

Shared Access Amongst Clinicians Ensures Collaboration of Care

When I first made the move off the bench to the LIS world the joke was ‘you’ve gone to the dark side’, funny group right? Here is what I’ve learned, without the clinical information system, none of this could be possible. Patient charting, placing lab orders, resulting those lab orders, radiology orders and reporting, ordering medications, and referrals are all documented and reviewed in the same place and shared access amongst clinicians ensures collaboration of care. Who wouldn’t want to take on an active role in that?

End users put a lot of trust and faith in the clinical information systems, all orders will be placed and resulted, patient charts are easily documented, and information shared. CIS Analysts are responsible for this trust, they build, test, validate and maintain those orders, medications, and charting tools, including those virtual appointments. A thoroughly validated clinical information system is of utmost importance in patient care and quality assurance and we take great care and pride in performing this service.

In these new times of ever-changing technology and advancements in healthcare, the analyst and the end user work together enhancing overall patient care, does that sound like the dark side to you?