Covid-19 a new lifestyle

Janelle Flerlage Joseph, MT(ASCP)

Covid-19 a new lifestyle

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Janelle Flerlage Joseph, MT(ASCP)
Principal Blood Bank Specialist


Covid-19 you are not welcome here
Sheltering in place for days on end
Groceries and toilet paper are comical to tears
Cases are rising as expected causing our healthcare services to bend

We all need to keep our social distancing going
The new normal a smile, foot dap and a friendly wave
It is an odd uncomfortable new social behavior knowing
A hand shake or hug is far too brave

Parents are helping their kids continue school online
A new adjustment for teachers, parents and kids too
Trying to keep a normal schedule and avoid their whines
It gets tricky when juggling working from home if you are lucky, it is all new

We support and appreciate all our healthcare workers and their tireless job unsung
Their dedication and sacrifice is heartfelt
Taking care of patients, doing the laboratory testing, screening the old and young
We thank you for days and nights to come, our hearts melt.