Keeping your Systems “Ship Shape”!

Keeping your Systems “Ship Shape”!

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For several years as a young adult I had the opportunity to live aboard a sailboat and travel the world. During this adventurous time I was not only nurturing a love of sailing, but developing a keen sense of checks and balances that I would use for many years to come.

When living and traveling on a sailboat there are many factors that come into play for a successful voyage. Engine upkeep, rigging checks, supply measures, gear inspections, hull maintenance etc. the list goes on!   If these systems are properly sustained the voyage is seamless and our ship stays afloat. Maintaining these daily, weekly, monthly tasks gave me the confidence to set sail under even the most trying of times. I gained a greater understanding of the value of quality time put in resulting in high quality outcomes. Relationships, work, kids, it’s all relevant!

Though I was sad to become a landlubber once more, I was filled with gratitude knowing I had grown and acquired such unique knowledge that would become an essential part of my life. These skills along with a kind, friendly, knowledgeable demeanor allow me to put my clients at ease knowing their patient safety is our priority by keeping their systems ship shape!