Manual Testing… Really?!?…

Raymond Bell

Manual Testing… Really?!?…

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Raymond Bell
Chief Executive Officer

The world changes. Having spent several decades within the healthcare testing world, I have seen many changes over time. Some have been small, relating to how subtle changes in financing have affected timelines. Some major, as in the distribution and management of IT departments. Does anyone remember when IS and IT were very different departments? The merger of information systems roles into information technology departments has had quite a radical effect on how hospitals are run. This one group now has significantly more responsibilities than the previous two groups combined. Following on from this change, hospitals are now separating the IT department from the hospital staff, and many of them are now managed by 3rd parties.

In our technology testing world, this continual change in IT has had an effect on us too. We are seeing more and more that IT groups are so busy, that creating the required machines for testing can be more and more difficult. We know that using basic test tools do not work in this environment — they are not intelligent enough. We also know that manual testing is simply not enough on its own — the end result rarely “proves” that the testing was complete. We know this because customers have sought us out after having this experience.

Today, we are entering a new world — and a new chapter in our company — especially for the ever-important blood bank validations. I have always found that technology improves just about everything, so in looking for a solution to those situations where customers cannot manage testing machines, I didn’t want to go backwards to raw manual testing. Instead, I envisioned a technology-based approach that allows our experienced blood bankers to perform a comprehensive blood bank validation without the need for dedicated testing machines. Let’s call it manual testing on steroids… a solution with no hardware requirements, that still provides the enhanced result reporting that Vedant Health is known for (detailed results review and digital signatures, plus our signature BBV matrix) ensuring that we can validate your system without moving backwards.


Technology continues to make our hospitals safer, and that is a very good thing…