Validating during the Holidays

Neal Smith B.A., (ASCP) BB

Validating during the Holidays

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Neal Smith B.A., (ASCP) BB
Principal Blood Bank Specialist

I remember an inspection at a hospital in “snow” country. I left my home town (airport) where the temperature was in the 70’s and the location I was going to was predicted to have cool weather but nothing of any consequence, how this changed The morning of the inspection, the inspectors sat in the hotel coffee shop, watching cars trying traverse up a steep incline; all to no avail. The cars started to slide down the hill and bang into the curb or unfortunately, into other unlucky drivers in their cars. We sat waiting for the city snow crews to get out to plow and put down sand, salt or both. This inspection was difficult, not because the hospital staff was not prepared, but because the snow was deep, roads slick, and I was dressed in a suit coat only……brrr! The inspection team survived the perils of the ice and snow. We were able to complete the process, and return to the airport for our flights home.

The next day, I am back home.

After returning home, my day starts with getting ready for work, and a short commute to the office. During this time of year, the commute can be challenging. It may cause a change in the plans for the day, or at the minimum, a delay to the start of the work day.

On this particular day, I was delayed several hours. Why you ask? I walked down the hall, and had to avoid many obstacles along the way. The obstacles had four legs, and were very impatient to get fed and their daily attention and nuzzling. I turned the corner, and encountered another obstacle, a tree! Yes, the Christmas tree was on the floor, blocking my path. How did this happen? I noticed the cat had tinsel on her tail which quickly identified her as the culprit. It became clear to me that this critter had climbed the tree and brought it crashing down. After carefully up righting and securing the tree so no further mayhem could occur, I swept the floor, and rearranged the ornaments to fill in the bare spots from the calamity.

Pet food is dispensed. I brewed my coffee, and made my way to the office. Uh oh! I found that my computer screen is now upside down……those darn cats! The dog smiled, as she knew that the older cat had slept on the keyboard. What?! Yes, it takes time to make the change back to the proper display. To this day, I don’t know which keys were used to perform this very devious action.

Finally, all was well. Coffee in hand, sitting in front my computer and righted the monitor display, I began my day of testing to ensure your software was performing as you intended, the testing information was accurate, and results can be retrieved for the patient without any issues. Inspections continue, through rain or shine, or deep cold snow!

We wish you a safe, happy, joyous Holiday season, and a Happy New Year.