What system are you using?

What system are you using?

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When a patient walks into a Doctor’s office for treatment, the conversations that take place between the patient and caregiver are typically in regard to the current medication list, current health status, and most importantly the reason for the visit. When I visit the doctor, I am the one asking the questions. What system are you using? Is it easy to use? What would you change? What challenges do you face every day? I don’t know why I am always compelled to ask these questions. It could be a case of ‘Inquiring minds want to know’, but I think that it is just in my nature to do so.

From birth, I was destined to follow in the footsteps of my parents with a career in healthcare. My father was a physician and my mother a nurse. Although initially slated to be a pharmacist, I fell in love with laboratory science while enlisted in the Army National Guard.

After 15 years in the lab, it was time for a change. I had nightmares struggling with the direction I would take. Would I be happy working with computers or in sales leaving the lab behind? Prayers were answered when I landed a job as an Implementation Consultant with Sunquest. I was able to work with computers and promote products (sales). Most importantly, I was performing workflow assessments where my passion, knowledge and expertise in the laboratory were revered.

When the opportunity posed itself to spread my wings further, I jumped on board. At Vedant, instead of ‘fixing’ issues, I am tasked with finding them. It is rewarding to know that every software/build issue found could potentially save a life.

The term ‘closed-loop’ is used quite frequently when talking about patient safety in healthcare. I believe my career can be summed up in the same manner from handling patient samples, to building/supporting laboratory information systems, and now validating healthcare systems. It is clear that the passion for what I do drives the questions I pose to my caregiver while on the examination table.