You meet the nicest people…

Raymond Bell

You meet the nicest people…

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Raymond Bell
Chief Executive Officer

This year we are privileged to be invited to a record number of shows throughout the Cerner and Sunquest community. The communities see how the marriage of the right technology with the right people truly do make a difference. Just recently Elise and I attended the Cerner South-East RUG in the wonderful southern city of Charlotte, North Carolina. This event provided that extra ability to share experiences with our friends, customers, and future friends. Spending quality time with new friends at the NASCAR Hall of Fame took everyone out of the “work environment”. We had a good team and a lot of fun.


Photo courtesy of Radiu Allen

Our Viktor joined the team and continues to join us at every show:


Next stop is the Sunquest Chesapeake RUG in Fredericksburg, Virginia where Jodi and Dave lead the way with the unique “vendor speed dating” approach to getting everyone together… here’s to our next blind date!

Please stop by and say “hi”, as our team tours with Viktor to meet new friends.