Automated Testing

TestStream® from Vedant Health improves reliability & compliance

Testing solutions that help deliver care with confidence

At Vedant Health, we know that ensuring consistently safe, high-quality care is at the heart of your mission as a healthcare organization. To do this, and remain in compliance, you need to frequently, rigorously test your clinical systems and applications. Our TestStream automated testing technology and comprehensive services can help—and save you time and money in the process.

Quality & Safety

There are endless combinations of procedures, medications and tests that your staff can order at any given time. You need to know that your systems are managing every combination appropriately and functioning in compliance with all applicable regulations. But manual testing alone — without technology — simply can’t ensure this.

Automated testing and analysis with TestStream can dramatically improve the reliability and safety of your clinical applications. Not only will you receive more comprehensive results with every test cycle; you’ll gain insights into the cause of defects, and guidance for remediating them. So you can improve your systems—and the quality and safety of your care—over time.

Efficiency & ROI

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in your clinical systems. But testing them is time consuming and costly. We help you gain control over the financial and human resources that testing requires, so you can maximize return on your investments.

  • In a given period of time, TestStream allows you to complete literally thousands of times more testing than manual testing, reducing test cycles from months to weeks or days.
  • After a single test cycle with TestStream, you can establish a reliable timetable for each subsequent test, to dramatically reduce the resources you need to achieve successful deployments and upgrades.
  • TestStream’s thoroughness ensures that you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix costly errors.
  • TestStream’s HealthScore™ Risk Assessment system ensures all errors are categorized.
  • Implementation is easy through unlimited TestStream training courses, followed by an extensive mentoring program.
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TestStream's Risk Assessment feature takes quality management to the next level by providing an immediate review of where the testing stands today, and how patients will be affected by the problems found if those problems are left uncorrected. The assessment is a constant review throughout the entire testing cycle.