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Vedant Health: Classic Blood Bank Validations

We are stripping down the hardware requirements and creating a new technology-enhanced testing approach that puts our experienced blood bankers front and center, personally testing clients’ systems. Over the past several decades, the distribution and management of healthcare organizations has changed, information systems roles have merged into information technology departments, and this one department now has significantly more responsibilities than the previous two groups combined. Increasingly, we are seeing that many information technology departments do not have the capacity to provide dedicated machines to run automated testing.

Vedant Health: What we do

TestStream, our flagship validation product, provides an intelligent approach to ensuring the hospital clinicals are in working order — ensuring better patient care and patient safety. However, technology on its own can only go so far, so Vedant Health pairs this technology with nurses, blood bankers, medical technologists and other healthcare professionals who have worked in the industry and know what is required for a clean running system.

Join Viktor, our company mascot, as he experiences this caring approach to healthcare validation.