A New Generation…

Raymond Bell

A New Generation…

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Raymond Bell
Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to announce the next generation release of TestStream. TestStream is now in its 14th generation of our unique intelligence engine, invented back in 1996. This engine allows for an approach without the scripts and site customization required by standard test tools. Existing clients know that this intelligent approach to testing reaches far beyond that of typical automation test tools and manual testing efforts.

The planning for this release started nearly two years ago, and enhanced functionality has been released ahead of schedule over the past several months. As with all TestStream updates, every client has received these updates automatically and free of charge. This release laid the ground work for many new features and services we now provide. Here are some of the new features embedded within this release.

  • Additional Multi-Vendor Integration

With the release of our Epic testing and quality management solutions last year, there was a need to extend our unique integration system with other vendor TestStream products, such as Sunquest and Cerner. This functionality was designed ahead of those releases, and now allows far more knowledge transfer between our TestStream systems for multi-vendor environments.

  • Support for Extended Services – Cerner/Epic

As part of these latest intelligence updates, we have added more functionality to support a new Millennium to Epic Conversion (testing) service. A number of our clients are migrating from the Cerner Millennium to Epic HIS systems, which is a huge undertaking. Confirming that the information and build were transferred and defined the same is complex and challenging. New updates to TestStream allow us to help verify just that.

  • Support for Extended Services – Sunquest

In the Sunquest world, the General Testing Guidelines are a vital part of installation verification. This testing effort is labor-intensive, and is often not fully completed. These guidelines are also constantly changing as Sunquest add new functionality to the LIS system. TestStream has the ability to support every element of these guidelines through lab and blood bank for every release, including future releases.

There are a further 100+ enhancements included in the release to specifically handle new functionality in Millennium 2015, Sunquest V7.3 and V8.0, and the latest Epic releases.

Note that all existing clients will receive this updated release automatically through our standard TestStream Upgrade System.