It’s been quite a year…

Raymond Bell

It’s been quite a year…

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Raymond Bell
Chief Executive Officer

As the year draws to a close, I want to reflect on the events of the past 12 months. It has been quite an exciting year for all of us at Vedant Health. We started the year based in a small seaside town about 50 miles north of Boston, and ended in a vibrant technology city in the Rocky Mountains. It was sad to leave our offices of 25 years but necessary to move the company forward, and continue supporting our friends and customers at the far side of the Pacific Ocean. Boulder, CO is half-way between our customers in Australia and Europe, as well as being a great technology-based location for our North American customers.


In 2014 we jumped into the Epic market with new intelligence that provided the ability to process everything in the order catalog with no setup or programming. In 2016 we have invested heavily in this technology to push each solution further, ensuring that every Epic release is automatically supported.

Although this has taken a lot of work, it enables us to provide a true full-scale validation system to all Epic customers that is reliable regardless of the environment — something that is not possible with the various test tools out there.

Throughout the year we found that customers were switching HIS vendors and that meant a large amount of integration testing for us to help with. Honestly, this was a surprise as we leaned away from normal system validation and moved onto multi-system testing, validating interfaces as well as the system. TestStream has always had the ability to validate orders and results going over the interface, but we invested further into our homegrown technology to extend this, allowing TestStream to point out incorrect results passed from one system to another. We are about to release the 15th generation of TestStream and this element is the major piece of the new version.


2016 was also a year of relationships, partnerships, and more business connections. Being in business for over 30 years now, we have gained many new friends within — and outside — of the healthcare industry.

We have always aligned ourselves with the best of the best and these relationships help us serve our customers in many different ways. If we cannot do something, we can probably recommend a company that can! This past year we have reached out further to form long-lasting relationships with ANX (OpenText) and Health eFormatics, and to extend and deepen our decade-long partnership with KJR in Australia.

Our goal is to help as many people and hospitals as we can in this world. So, next year we will be working with the Haemonetics organization, the makers of SafeTrace Tx, on a pilot program to merge our collective people and technology and help more and more clients with their SafeTrace Tx blood bank validations. We chose Haemonetics as we have a high regard for the quality of their products and the caring nature of the PeopleMed validation team. We are looking to expand this relationship further as the next year progresses.

This year I also met Loring Kaveney at WorkOutLoud, and this sparked a great friendship and business relationship. We have been a part of the Cerner RUGs and Sunquest SUGs for 20 years now and saw that while they were very well-organized, it was a time-consuming project for the coordinators of those shows. Having seen what WorkOutLoud can do for all of these organizers we immediately became one of the founding partners of this very smart and helpful organization. The goal is to help the organizers for Cerner, Sunquest and Epic shows, as it is our duty as vendors to provide as much help and support as we can.


Recently, I was honored to be invited to join the Forbes Technology Council. This is an organization which, by invitation only, brings together a select group of CTO’s and CEO’s of companies to help with introductions and benefits. Since the organization is part of the Forbes magazine group, we are able to submit articles to Forbes directly to be published, sharing our collective knowledge with many industries.

In just a short time I have found connections to organizations who have the same marketing challenges as ours — “how do we get the message out to everyone that we have technology and people which can help them today, rather than in 6 months’ time as with standard automated testing approaches…?”

Over the next year you will see us popping up in many different ways to get our technology further into the healthcare world.


The TestStream technology is light years ahead of common test tools out there in the world, but it is often difficult for folks to understand where we fit into the hospital environment. Although it just simply works and has helped thousands of hospitals worldwide over the last 20 years, it still sounds too good to be true.

The TestStream technology is merely a different approach to scripting, as even the best scripted test tool requires huge amounts of maintenance for very little benefit. To help people understand our technology better, we produced a movie starring our very own Viktor. We work with a lot of Children’s hospitals so wanted this movie to be informative, but friendly.

We have created a media center on our website where we will be adding more movies to show TestStream and its technologies. You can access the media center here.


We are very pleased to be able to continue our commitment to the community. This year we have also started continuous monthly donations to the Children’s Miracle Network, specifically Children’s National. This organization helps ensure that Children, regardless of their ability to pay, receive the complete care they need. As Children’s National is also a client, together we are helping to ensure that patient safety remains a top priority.


2017 promises to be full of new technology development, comprehensive integration testing, new client sites, and many blood bank validations for our Cerner and Sunquest customers. We’re busy hiring more blood bankers, and advancing our goal of providing unparalleled service.

We are excited to help so many clients so quickly into the New Year!

Next year we will be involved in validations across all of Cerner, Sunquest and Epic, as well as our leap into Haemonetics… and who knows where else the year will take us! End-to-end interface validations have been the foremost and favorite projects of the year, which helped shape our TestStream’ 15th generation release. We are ready for what the 16th generation requirements entail…

Finally, I want to wish a Happy New Year to all of our friends, near and far.

Raymond Bell