Our Services

Full-service management, training, testing, validations, and support

Comprehensive testing services built on years of expertise

Today’s complex clinical systems demand sophisticated management techniques. Vedant Health can help, with a full set of service offerings to help you get the most out of your investment in TestStream. Our helpful, dedicated team has decades of testing and validation expertise in healthcare environments. Our goal is to help you realize the full potential of TestStream for your organization, so you can provide the best possible patient care.

Our services include:
  • Blood Bank Validation — We offer fully compliant validation services for Cerner Millennium, SCC SoftBank, WellSky Transfusion and Sunquest Blood Bank systems, providing our “Gold” Standard comprehensive, signature validation package with AABB/FDA (and international) requirements mapping and digital signature system.
  • HealthAssure — Our HealthAssure on-going regression testing service keeps healthcare organizations informed about the health of their systems and applications through periodic testing for new procedures, new blood products, updated interpretations, etc.
  • Testing — If you don’t have the time or resources to get up and running with TestStream right away, we can help. Our team will perform a large-scale validation of your system and provide feedback and analysis of any issues encountered, as and when needed.
  • JumpStart Program — Following on from the initial large-scale validation which will leave the system in a good state for your continued use of TestStream, we will then mentor you through the set-up, execution and issue analysis, allowing you to take over and become as independent as you need.
  • Best Practices — Our team can help you understand Testing and Validation Best Practices and apply them in your organization.
By providing regular testing for our clients, we are able to ensure a smoother, cleaner, safer system. As part of the services projects, our team reviews all results and provides feedback and commentary on the issues found, including risk assessment details. By prioritizing the critical and high risk issues, a plan of resolution can be defined, correcting the more severe issues first.
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Our extensive list of services and TestStream training activities allow any organization to be as hands-on as they would like. Most customers simply do not have the time or resources to perform the continuous testing that is required by these constant changing systems, so we can provide that testing and feedback. Those that do, we can “teach a man to fish” and allow customers to be independent, testing whenever they need. We are always nearby to provide guiding support.