Minimize operational errors while ensuring patient safety factors

HealthAssure ongoing regression testing

Change is a constant when it comes to healthcare information systems. Our HealthAssure services keep your systems in check continuously to help you minimize operational errors while ensuring patient safety factors.

The suite of HealthAssure services, which pairs TestStream’s intelligent technology with our staff of healthcare and nursing professionals, provides frequent reports on the functional health of both your build state and applications. This vital health check recognizes and adapts automatically to configuration and customization changes and differences among all facilities within your unique environment, exceeding regulatory testing and validation requirements for go-lives and beyond…


Provides regression validation services each year to check domain and environment quality and identify errors to ensure a clean system longer term.


Provides regression validation services for each season (quarterly), monitoring the changes in the build continuously ensuring a clean and safe system year round.


Provides regression validation services monthly which is the best way to catch rogue changes in the build configurations that could affect patient safety.


Additionally, any errors found to be of significant patient safety risk are brought to your attention immediately, with details on the exact error, patient-safety risk level and implications, and root-cause analysis for error remediation.

Our HealthAssure Regression Testing Service provides you with interval-based testing review of your systems, allowing any problems to be identified and corrected quickly, leading to smoother go-lives and beyond…
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HealthAssure ensures that the constant barrage of patches, build updates and service packs are kept in check. Knowing the state of your system from day-to-day reduces cert-to-production mistakes and ensures a constant quality system, ensuring patient safety at all times… not just before the next go-live.