Interface/Integration Validation

Comprehensive end-to-end validation of your HIS & LIS systems

End-to-End Interface and Integration Validation

Vedant’s intelligent TestStream technology, together with our veteran services team, deliver comprehensive end-to-end validation of your HIS and LIS systems — covering Cerner, Epic, SCC SoftBank and Sunquest systems.

Every TestStream implementation includes technology which allows TestStream machines within the same network to “talk” to each other, sharing information about testing and test results — across different vendor testing systems. TestStream installations work together to order in one system, result in another, then automatically review the results back in the original system.

A sample complete integration test follows this basic approach:

  • Use TestStream for Epic to order every laboratory procedure within the Epic environment. As TestStream is fully automated, it requires no test data (only the interface patients provided) and requires very little setup.
  • Then by using the TestStream Integration System and pointing this Epic testing machine to a TestStream for Sunquest machine, they start integration communications.
  • Instantly the Sunquest machine knows what patients were used in the Epic test and which procedures were ordered. The Sunquest TestStream takes over and receives the orders through the Sunquest ORM, and then proceeds to result the tests received.
  • Back on the TestStream for Epic machine, TestStream now knows what tests were resulted and with which result values. It can then perform an inquiry on the original orders, reviewing the result details now displayed within the Epic system.

TestStream, along with our services staff, can then verify that all of the results were transmitted back correctly. This integration feature is available for all combinations of HIS and LIS systems involving Cerner, Epic, SCC SoftBank and Sunquest.

This comprehensive validation can be repeated after changes to the LIS, HIS or interface to ensure that no transmission issues have been introduced.

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Managing the interactions and interfaces between different systems can be a challenge. Catching those issues in the interface engine often requires large scale testing to determine the failure criteria and TestStream’s various LIS and HIS testing modules can integrate to provide that end-to-end workflow.