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Intelligent Automated Clinical Systems Testing & Validation Services

TestStream provides complete quality and safety assurance for your clinical systems.

TestStream from Vedant Health provides intelligent, automated testing and validation of clinical systems from Cerner (all Classic and Millennium modules), Sunquest (Laboratory and Blood Bank), Epic Hyperspace, SCC Soft and WellSky Transfusion.

TestStream is not a test tool. However, through intelligence, it provides automated large-scale and thorough attention to detail in validating clinical systems… automated testing without the need for test scripts.

In addition to offering extensive testing capabilities, TestStream provides complete quality and safety assurance for your clinical systems. By identifying build and maintenance issues, validating processes, finding the root causes of problems and more, TestStream helps ensure that all the pieces in your systems are connected, running smoothly and working the way they should—so your patients get the safest and best care.

A Turnkey Solution with Robust Capabilities

Because TestStream is intelligent technology, it automatically understands and adapts to the environment upon installation and is up and running within hours. There is no scripting or programming needed and no need for changes when your vendor upgrades their software or when you change your build.

From the start, TestStream will:
  • Analyze the system environment and point out any fundamental build issues
  • Perform large-scale validation tests against the testing environment
  • Understand and analyze the errors it encounters, and assess their risk to patient safety, to help you prioritize their resolution
  • Compare testing and production environments to ensure tests are realistic
  • Automatically schedule weekly and monthly regression testing with no user intervention required
  • Run tests for days or weeks, automatically rebooting the testing computer as needed
TestStream can also be used for:
  • Validation of CPOE technology, with feature-rich testing functionality
  • Train Domain Population, at a fraction of the time, resources and cost normally associated with building and maintaining a training environment
  • Support for the Long-Term Health of your Systems

One of our goals at Vedant Health is to help you improve the overall safety and reliability of your systems.

That’s why TestStream includes:
  • Easy-to-review screen shots and pass/fail reports each time TestStream runs, providing full proof of testing
  • A digital signature system, allowing those ever-important results to be signed with comments for regulatory review
  • Built-in defect tracking, to help you keep track of the errors you find and remediate
  • A “HealthScore” every time you test, which gives you a cumulative view of your testing results over time
TestStream can provide an immediate explanation and a ten-thousand foot view of all testing to-date to indicate the quality of the system and the effect on patient safety over time.
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Born in the mid-1990’s, TestStream provides an intelligent approach to validating large scale healthcare systems. Removing the typical test tool scripts allows it to keep ahead of new releases of the vendor software, and account for any type of custom build. Every hospital setup is unique, and you need a unique approach to handle them. A true intelligent approach to validating complex healthcare systems, ensuring accurate and robust patient safety-based validations.