Computerized Physician Order Entry

Accurate system performance for upgrades and enhancements

CPOE testing that delivers peace of mind

Verifying the accuracy of your CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) technology is essential to minimizing risk and ensuring patient safety. TestStream can help with feature-rich testing for verification of all aspects of Cerner Millennium (PowerPlans) and Epic CPOE processing.

  • Orders — Every CPOE order generated is taken through an inquiry and charge verification, regardless of the type of order.
  • Pharmacy — Every CPOE medication order is taken through an inquiry, Pharmacy verification, eMAR processing and charge verification.
  • Laboratory — Every CPOE procedure order is taken through an inquiry, specimen login, resulting, order viewer inquiry and charge verification.
  • Radiology — Every CPOE exam order is taken through an inquiry, start exam, stop exam, transcription, sign-out and charge verification.

Verifying your CPOE system with TestStream helps ensure accurate system performance for every upgrade and enhancement you make, so you can feel confident that your patients are receiving safe, accurate care.

Each CPOE orderable (PowerPlan in Cerner Millennium) is processed, generating many individual orders. TestStream will automatically process each and every order, taking it through the solution processing.
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Validating large and complex CPOE orderables and PowerPlans is both time-intensive and error prone. TestStream’s extensive CPOE features provide that vital coverage, all with an acute attention to detail.