Domain Population

Training with realistic hypothetical data and scenarios

Domain Population that doesn’t drain your resources

Setting up a train domain to simulate real-time, “day in the life” situations in your clinical and laboratory systems is critical to training your personnel. But building, populating and maintaining a train domain with realistic hypothetical data and scenarios is complex and incredibly time consuming.

TestStream can dramatically reduce the time, human resources and costs associated with building and maintaining a train domain. It quickly extracts data to build a virtual model of your system environments while understanding all the functional components and variables in the system. So you can populate your train domain with a realistic representation of your production environment easily and efficiently.

The result: More frequent train domain updates with test data, scenarios, interactions and hospital information for more effective personnel training.

With TestStream’s Domain Population capabilities, you can register thousands of patients, schedule hundreds of appointments and order and result thousands of tests and more, simply by importing the desired spreadsheet.
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Building the complex and sophisticated training environments is very expensive and must be repeated time and time again. With TestStream’s domain and environment population features, this process is straight-forward…and automated. From small requirements, such as creating a series of patients for external interface testing, or building large-scale training environments containing tens of thousands of activity data elements, these features are invaluable.