TestStream® for Epic Hyperspace

Intelligent, fully automated testing and validation

Automated Testing of System Processes

TestStream’s Solutions for validating Epic clinical systems, including Willow®, EpicCare® and Beaker®, are configured specifically for unparalleled ease, coverage, and speed of testing.

TestStream is not a test tool, but an intelligent testing system which does not need to be programmed based on how the Epic system is used at your site. This means that on day one, it can start testing the Epic system as it understands how the Epic system is built.

TestStream comprehensively addresses HIPAA, FDA, AABB and other regulatory requirements, to assure safe patient care for the full lifecycle of your clinical applications. With TestStream, you can achieve total system validation of core processes, complete with cause and risk analysis and full defect-tracking capabilities, with speed, efficiency and accuracy manual testing can never match.

TestStream performs automated testing of system processes by replicating the activities of users on your Epic system. While you control the application functions, TestStream creates realistic and repeatable tests that process patient registration, order placement and order inquiries. You can also use TestStream for domain population, database build comparison, security layer validation and more.