Testing Evolution

Automated testing with the ability to think, make decisions, and validate your system

Intelligent testing solutions for complex healthcare systems

What is “Testing Evolution”? It is a leap forward in automated testing solutions that have the ability to think, make decisions, and validate your system. Simply put, Testing Evolution is automated testing without an automated test tool.

Since the 1980s, Vedant Health has provided tools and products to test every type of environment, from insurance to banking, airlines to space-based programs, and everything in-between. However, healthcare systems are different. They do not follow the normal fixed and stable environment suitable for typical automated testing tools. Standard scripted tools fail when the patient’s history changes or there is simply a change in the system. We saw this two decades ago and invented technology which had the ability to learn its environment, so that all of the benefits of automated testing were available, without the failings of broken test tool scripts. This is where TestStream was born.

This unique approach to validating healthcare systems has allowed generations of TestStream solutions to be installed in hospitals throughout the world and to adapt to the ever-changing environments and vendor releases. The approach is quite simple — and it works.

The moment TestStream is installed at a new facility it starts learning how that facility uses the healthcare system. Once attained, this knowledge is then used to design test cases, which can then immediately test thousands of elements in the system, in areas such as Pharmacy, Radiology, General Laboratory, Blood Bank, and so much more. The test is started with the click of the mouse. As the test executes, TestStream looks at the screen, works out what to do next, and processes through the applications exactly as a user would; how the application is written or in what language is irrelevant. Since this intelligence enables processing to continually move forward, alerts and requests encountered throughout the vendor applications are simply reviewed and acted upon, allowing the process to proceed.

This intelligence is then shared throughout the TestStream community….


As issues are found in the system, whether they are related to the site-specific build or the vendor software, TestStream retains knowledge of these issues. Following a test, this knowledge is sorted into site-specific details and shared with other TestStream machines at the same location. Global issues in the vendor systems are also identified and are shared with all other TestStream PCs throughout the world. This approach means that testing on day one has the accumulated knowledge of thousands of testers so that known issues can be highlighted quickly and intelligence used to find more issues.

This same update approach allows our unique “Community Based Enhancement System” to be implemented. We add enhancements for one customer as requested, and then all customers receive that enhancement automatically, free of charge.

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Born to ensure patient safety and system reliability, TestStream has always been on the technology edge. Using intelligence to validate the hospital system, rather than hardwired test scripts, it keeps up with changes in the build and vendor software. No more maintenance of manual or test tool scripts!