TestStream® for SCC SoftBank®

Adapts automatically to updates and enhancements to your system

Quality Assurance For Your Blood Bank System

Featuring a revolutionary Scenario Definitions solution and a library of client-specific workflow scenarios developed by specialists highly experienced in FDA, AABB and CAP procedures, TestStream frees you from having to wait on consultants for validation or pay exorbitant recurring fees. TestStream’s intelligent technology adapts automatically to updates and enhancements to your system, so there’s no need for ongoing programming or scripting.

Extensive Workflows

Our experienced on-staff blood bankers and ex-inspectors ensure that the system receives a true third-party, non-biased validation set to a higher standard than regulatory agencies expect. Each part of each workflow is linked to the actual AABB requirement, providing a matrix of everything tested. This ensures a safe system, not just a tested system.

Full-Scale Coverage

Utilizing TestStream’s automated solutions in blood bank, a typical validation covers many thousands of Patient/Unit Compatibility rules, including adult and neonate combinations, plus thousands of Interpretations (result reaction) combinations, ensuring true patient safety and large-scale coverage…all in the same timeframe as a typical validation.

Comprehensive Review

Vedant Health’s web-based results reviewer allows all parts of the validation to be reviewed – including screen prints, pass and fail reports and results spreadsheets. This provides a simple and easy review of the results.

Comprehensive Risk Review

As the validation process is on-going, our blood bankers review the issues with you, allowing collaboration on the resolution. The project is separated into three stages, allowing the full validation, then issue resolution and then re-test prior to go-live.